Curatorial Director

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Frederique Thiollet is a curatorial director and multidimensional thinker whose interest lies in exploring transitive and undefined formats from the traditional modes of art and commerce exposure. Her curatorial process is led by an affinity for the liminal space allowing for unknown possibilities, and a balancing act between interconnecting multiple fields of information, networked partnerships, and a self-conscious agency.

In 2012, she founded Hotel Particulier, originating as a unique and discreet curated establishment nestled in an old loading dock in Soho New York. It then transitioned to a non-physical curatorial platform in 2015, generating numerous projects at the nexus of art, fashion, design, film, performance and sound with collaborators and artists from the above and underground.

In 2020, Frederique developed a new practice Agency.art based off the foundation of Hotel Particulier, with an agency to further generate ideas through multidimensional reality and experiential situations interconnecting multiple fields.

Frederique is also a part-time faculty member of Parsons The New School for Design where she leads an elective course lecture/studio on how Fashion brands must now define and create meaningful physical and digital experiences that create value beyond their product or service.

Frederique’s curatorial projects have appeared in publications such as W Magazine, Wall Street journal, Artsy, Surface Magazine, BOF, Visionaire, Musée Magazine, Fast Company, Architectural Digest and Interior Design Magazine.