March 14 - 18 2016


Blowing Riccardo is a multi-channel video installation by Marie Vic. It chronicles a handful of Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy garments floating endlessly among aircraft carcasses in the Mojave Desert.

Milan Fashion Film Festival
(Awarded Best Statement Fashion Film)


PRESS Visionaire _ W magazine
PARTNERS Sedition art _ Dune Studios


Blowing Riccardo started with a mundane conversation about the traveling life of fashion collections on their many editorial tours. In this work, Marie Vic borrowed a handful of Givenchy garments from a Parisian fashion collector and took them on a trip, to an aircraft graveyard in the Mojave Desert, in California. There, she had them wander endlessly and float among retired carcasses. The result is a series of glowing images that take the viewer into an anthropomorphic and hypnotic experience – a conjuring act of mise-en-scène.

In anticipation of the exhibition, a first series of images carefully extracted from the video, entitled Blow-Up, were presented on billboards in lower Manhattan. The first one was displayed in Hudson Square, at the intersection of Spring and Hudson Streets. Two other billboards were revealed during Armory week.

The multi-channel video installation Blowing Riccardo is composed of nine looped films projected simultaneously throughout the space. The atmospheric experience is reinforced by a score made of sounds recorded in the desert mixed with an old tune.

Marie Vic’s body of work is a subtle genre of its own, a sort of OP-ED, a piece opposite the editorial - a non-affiliated work with the artist’s own facts and signature.

Along Blowing Riccardo and Blow-Up works, a series of ten short digital editions, entitled Ten Blows, is to be released exclusively on Sedition.