Ellinor Stigle with Marlon Orr of Object in General
(Ellinor Stigle, Warrobes 2018, film extract w/sound)





WARROBES is a collaborative project featuring the works of experimental filmmaker Ellinor Stigle and early mid-century furniture dealer Marlon Orr of Objects in General.

Taking its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, where trans-disciplinary collaboration was the focus to generate new languages, culture categorizations and market formulas, WARROBES features a one-channel video monitor sculpture alongside a rare Marcel Breuer armoire piece from 1929 titled KS 41A.

The KS 41 armoire was produced by Desta. The piece was designed towards the end of Breuer’s European years and serves as a stunning example of the deep simplicity and true connection to function Breuer advocated. The KS 41 is significant in the sense of being one of a few custom orders performed by Breuer to personal clients in the late 20’s.

Stigle’s film piece entitled Warrobes is inspired by the Bauhaus dance performances lead by Oskar Schlemmer whose choreography explored the space and its relation to the body through geometric forms and mechanical rhythms. The film piece further investigates the emotional charge transforming the space through the performance of two individuals punching rolls in circular motion on an escalating drum beat.

Both works are unique edition and available for acquisition together as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

Stigle’s film piece Warrobes can also be presented as a one channel video installation and as a 3’27 linear version availlable for online release.




October 17, 2018
25 Greene Street, New York

In the spirit of the Bauhaus and their focus on collaboration across multiple platforms, WARROBES installment 01 took place at Tom Dixon Studio as a one channel video installation alongside the KS41 and video monitor in an adjacent room


Experimental filmmaker and fashion photographer Ellinor Stigle is based in New York. Her work explores identity, polarity and internal communication _ translating performance into films while simultaneously developing a recursive language, to which simplicity and minimalism are key.

Ellinor Stigle has partaken in group shows alongside renowned photographers including Andres Serrano and Annie Leibovitz, as well as showcased her work with the Swedish consulate at The Hole Gallery in New York.
Recently she presented a one-channel video installation entitled Nucleus part of 28” 2 “ 3” _ an exhibit initiated by Hotel Particulier in Soho New York before travelling to Seoul, Korea at Rare Market.

Her photography work has been published in magazines such as Bon, Interview and Document Journal.



After traveling the world, living and working in both Japan and Spain, Detroit born Marlon Orr finally settledin New York and entered the design market in early 2001. The last 15 years has been spent navigatingthrough the design industry via groundbreaking THE APARTMENT on Crosby Street where he helped discoverand create a platform for some of the city’s newest and most revolutionary players within contemporary design.

However, with a degree in art history, a passion for unique objects and with the mind and an eyeof a collector, he eventually gravitated to vintage furniture with a focus and passion for mid century design.
After working closely with various midcentury acts in the industry whilst growing their presence within said department at ABC Carpet & Home, Marlon Orr eventually branched out on his own with OBJECTS IN GENERAL.

Initially housed at ABC, Objects In General has morphed into a new capacity via collaborationswith Paddle8 and Sotheby’s. Previously highlighted French and Italian mid-century, Marlon Orr has now turned his eye to the Bauhaus movement. Marlon Orr is also the trade manager for Tom Dixon New York.