Melitta Baumeister and Paul Yung


DEC 14 - 18 2016
100 N.1st STREET

crude touch
/or non discriminative touch

a sensory modality which allows the subject to sense that something has touched them, without being able to localize where they were touched (constrasting “fine touch”)

Press: Visionaire

Review _ The Immaterial Turns of Baumeister Jung by Kenneth Goldsmith

Poet Girl  _   Paul Jung

HD Video single channel Color Sound
Duration: 3:20


A dreamscape where upon entering the space, you witness the close encounter of two unyielding forms leaning against each other: Melitta Baumeister and Paul Jung.
The installation is an extended temporality, where fashion imagery, garments and materials resist formal interpretation.

Through a cinematographic mechanism of thoughts, Baumeister Jung use sequences of emptiness and content, a mise-en-scene between the virtual and the actual _ processing materiality. These sequences, presented in various media, question the objectified properties of the process and place the audience interpretation and experience center stage. You are taken on a journey that goes beyond material forms.

It becomes personal, immaterial, a crude touch _ the identifiable metalanguage of Baumeister Jung collaboration.

This installation follows the publication of the book entitled Material Turn by publishers ...,staat, Supermarché and Baumeister Jung.

Exercise Dance Choreography

Eight Channel Video Installation
(Paul Jung)