June 21 - 22 2013
4 - 6 Grand Street
New York

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Joshua Liebovitz  - sound artist
Krussia - beatboxing
Sam Ali - lead guitar and talk box
Seif Hamid - percussion, keys & sound
Jie-Song Zhang - violin
Matthew Halley - banjo, vocals




UNCOLLECTABLE was ignited by Kuwaiti songwriter and trend spotter +Aziz. The expressed aim of the project is to further ideate as a songwriter and overcome the hegemonic gravity of corporate entertainment - creating subjective music experiences inspired by cultural trends beyond entertainment. Focusing on sound art and its resistance to commercialization, the exhibit is inspired by a cultural trend reshaping the art world, particularly in the Middle East.

During these two performances, +Aziz, a team of 5 musicians, and sound artist Joshua Liebowitz will work to augment the compositional techniques of songwriting through sound. In addition to adding sound components to 6 songs, there are moments where structured music is nowhere to be found, and the art of sound becomes the foreground. Attendees can expect to participate in a collage of tactile experiences, including the making of a music video.

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_ + AZIZ

+Aziz has been working as a trend spotter and creative startegist for the past 10 years (at FATHOM + HATCH and PSFK). The Kuwaiti songwriter integrates trends outside the entertainment industry to support his music; his debut EP, SoHo Spirit, will be released later this summer. Based in NYC, he also writes for publications such as Khaleejesque and Kalimat. He has presented his vision of cultural trends impacting the Arabian Gulf through a workshop hosted by NUQAT, a design conference held across GCC countries.