Hotel Particulier New York is a curatorial agency _ 
We represent artists and generate content with unique works accross the contexts of art, fashion, design, film, performance and sound.
Under the artistic and curatorial direction of Frederique Thiollet, the content is conceived to push forth new undefined and transitive formats from the traditional modes of art and commerce exposure.

The curatorial projects are made for commercial purpose in collaboration with brands and for our conceptual series and exhibits.

We are morphing into new motion pictures and story telling continuously.



_ is a duo of visual artists formed by Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien. They met at the Gobelins school of Photography in Paris and now based in New York where they work on their image works through visual performance, fashion photography and film.

Under the appellation of Cesar Love Alexandre and their performative portal @young_emperors, they unified with a sovereign dream of working under the value of love in real life and professionally _ renouncing to their own name and gender with an identifiable twin look.

Their unusual bond and work have attracted commissioned campaigns and editorials from the likes of Calvin Klein, Loewe, H&M, YSL, Nordstrom, Kenzo, Givenchy, The Webster, Chanel and featured in L’officiel, Interview Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Schon Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Fucking Young, and Suited Magazine.

Their films have been shown on Nowness and part of the selection of the Berlin and Copenhagen film festivals.

Cesar Love Alexandre performative portal @young_emperors is part of their visual performance media at the intersection of art and commerce and has been supported by brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Saks Spott, Janis Studio, Le Labo, Sabbah, Pixie Market, They New York, Gigi Barcelona, Farm Rio, Buffalo london.

Hotel Particulier New York represents and collaborates with Young_Emperors exclusively.

We pose propositions and situations to ultimately become an instant platform of cultural production, a surreal production of “exhibitions”.