Phil Roques deconstructed a perfume on the length of 36 hours, in 10 scents around the notion of sweat. The scents were bandaged and documented on the contributors’ body at different time lapse blending with their own sweat.

Phil Roques graduated as a pharmacist before joining L'Oreal as a fragrance analyst. In 2000, he was hired by a Fragrance House. For Philippe, as a virtuoso pianist in classical and contemporary music, creating fragrances is playing with simple accords as well as interpreting them in a "theme and variations" way. He particularly enjoys oriental notes and loves working with woody notes. Born in France but with British roots, he has maintained strong cross-channel links. This enables him to have a deep understanding of both cultures and an appetite for traveling. Philippe enjoys urban environments and their energy. He worked in Creative Studios in Paris and New York. He is now based in São Paulo Brazil.
Phillipe's portfolio includes: Six scents Illicit Sex’, ‘Adidas Originals 'Jeremy Scott', Oriflame 'Visions V Joy Ride', Burberry 'Summer for Women', Byblos 'Blu Happy Hour', Coty 'L'Aimant Caresse d'Orchidée'.